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In 2016 we had finalists representing Djibouti,Somalia, Tanzania and Uganda. Each finalist had their own vision but the one thing they all have in common is ambition. Miss Face of East Africa UK aim to embrace and empower East African females within the United Kingdom.


We also take pride in acknowledging our East African male movement.

See: East African Excellence


In October 2018, Ada Boas (from Tanzania) was crowned

Miss Face of East Africa UK

2nd place (1st Princess) Chloe Nakasi

3rd place (2nd Princess) Idiel Muse

2018 Finalists


Zam Zam Ibrahim Ali

Zam Zam is currently self employed working as a nutrionist and personal trainer. She wishes to contribute to a change in the way people eat, think and live. By doing so she believes that she will contribute to a decrease in the mental health count and allow people to genuinely feel good about themselves. With that being said, she decided to take the route of well being.Zam Zam lives and breathes for 90s music, sometimes having a few tricks up her sleeves as she writes songs suited to her vibe. She has worked alongside some respectable people in the industry, on a few projects, and is confident to say 2018 is going to be an amazing year for her. It doesn’t stop there, as Zam Zam loves exploring her culture through her love for cooking and also dancing. All in all she would like to think she is a free spirit.



Chloe Nakasi

Chloe is a a self taught Make Up Artist who studied business administration. She dedicated her time to work with adults living with severe mental health. She also volunteered to work with children who also live with severe mental health. Chloe is passionate about spreading the awareness of mental health across Africa. She aspires to teach the younger generation the worth of self love and the implications when individuals do not invest in loving themselves. Alongside this, Chloe has also had some experience as an actress.

Rachel Kirabira

 Rachel is currently studying Business and Event Management with the intention to pursue a career which involves running her own business and event planning. Events in which will provide life changing experiences, charity produce and awards ceremonies highlighting work that deserves acknowledgement. All in which will enable Rachel to have a positive impact on her community and especially empower African women. Earlier this year, Rachel was fortunate to be given the opportunity to plan and manage a charity event for Noah’s Ark Children hospice. A charity who cares for children with life threatening conditions and illnesses. A total of approximately £200 was raised in 1 month through online fundraising and an open talent show. Rachel also has a joint YouTube channel with her best friend where they discuss lifestyle, fashion, progression and give advice to their best ability.


Idiel Muse

Idiel has strong love and passion in applying make up on people and seeing them become their best self. Working for an agency allows her to be exposed to a wider selection of clientele and consistent build her own portfolio. One of her biggest and proudest accomplishments is starting a YouTube channel which enabled her to shine light on Djibouti, increasing the awareness of the beauty within this East African country. Idiel also uses this public platform to demonstrate the importance of being yourself and being proud of who you are while you still experience growth. Idiel continues to present her interest in make up from day to day, applying and using different techniques for different looks to represent exactly how she feels. She invests a lot of time in improving herself and reading self love books as she holds high value in getting to know her inner soul and how her brain operates. Idiel wishes to keep peace of mind.


Ada Boas

Ada is a RnB/Soul singer and song writer with a beautiful voice. All her singles have been played on radio stations including Reprezent Radio and Pulse 88. At the age of 16, Ada had the great opportunity to perform a written song for her mum in front of Tanzanian diplomats and local MPs. An incredible memory is when she mixed her first single ‘All We Do’ and it featured on various blogs. This single also featured on the Mobo Awards playlist named #TheConnect alongside singles from well known artists such as Chris Brown. Her recent performance with UK artist Stormzy, on the Xfactor, was ever so graceful as she was amongst the choir who performed ‘Blinded by Your Grace’. Ada wishes to take her music video visuals abroad. She also dreams of the days she will be touring Europe and the rest of the world. A Chris Brown collaboration is also high on her wish list as she continues to pursue her music career.

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In 2016 we had finalists representing Eritrea, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

In October 2016, Charlotte Ndagi was crowned the first ever

Miss Face of East Africa UK.

2nd place (1st Princess) Lorraine Chabeda

3rd place (2nd Princess) Aziza Hassen

2016 Finalists

Helen 5

Helen Haile

Currently a Radio Presenter on Westside FM from Monday to Friday, at 10am until 1pm. Helen has a YouTube Channel where she addresses things she finds most annoying and discusses topics which the younger generation can relate to: youtube.com/HelenHaile
She also incorporates her culture in to everything she does, as she is proud that it forms her identity.   Aspiring to become a Television personality and in her own words “put Eritrea on the map.” With there being a minority of East African female representation within the media industry, Helen is determined to make a change.

Zizi 10

Aziza Hassen

Graduated from University of Essex with a Honours in LLB Law. Currently working as a Legal Assistant at a top US law firm in the city and with aspirations of becoming a property developer. Aziza, also known as Zizi, is the Managing Director of an Afro-Centic fashion company brand MUVAFRIKA, which will be launching soon. Her hard work has not gone unnoticed as she has been featured in United African Diaspora (UAD), see: https://unitedafricandiaspora.org, who aim to give great focus to major developments in Africa, inspiring people in the diaspora and business opportunities worldwide. She has some freelance modelling experience and previously been a Hip Hop Ambassador/Writer for Guestlist Network. Having studied Music for 7 years, Zizi has learnt how to play the piano and drums and create her very own compositions.
Lorraine 70

Lorraine Chabeda

 With the relevance of Economics to our everyday lives and genuine enjoyment of the subject, Lorraine decided to study BSc Economics at university. She is also a Fashion and Beauty blogger for an online magazine called DK Online. Fashion and beauty is also Lorraine’s main focus on her YouTube Channel: youtube.com/LoveLoz
Lorraine is a freelance model with aspirations of pursuing her modelling career, along with launching her own beauty brand. She takes pride in skin care and has always had a real interest in the science behind it. Having had the pleasure of modelling for Eli & Pai and her participation in this years My Runway London Fashion Show, Lorraine is certainly on track towards building a strong network so she can achieve her goals.

Charlotte 8

Charlotte Ndagi

Currently studying LLB Law at university, with aspirations of becoming a human rights lawyer and advocate for those who are less fortunate. With the intention to make a difference in people’s lives, Charlotte aims to raise more awareness and tackle the unfairness of receiving basic healthcare services in Uganda and other third world countries. She strongly believes that basic health care services are a human’s right and should not depend on class. Charlotte will also be launching her very own health and fitness blog dedicated to encouraging those who are uncomfortable about their size or weight, to invest in a healthier lifestyle. Having dropped approximately 4 dress sizes from a size 18, Charlotte will be dedicating time to share her experiences and motivate others to not fear the journey.


Olivia Mutegevu

 Prospective Psychology university student, with aspirations of becoming a qualified Counselling Psychologist. From doing her own hair since 2013, mainly making her own wigs, Olivia has learnt that as people we are more than capable of doing things for ourselves yet we tend to rely on others instead of attempting to do it ourselves. Olivia launched her blog earlier this year (see: https://alenasthoughtsblog.wordpress.com/), with the aim to inspire youth in regards to their current situation and what they are going through. By sharing her experiences and what she has learnt from these experiences, Olivia is having a positive influence on her readers. She has hopes in the future of using her blogging platform to address and promote more awareness of mental health within youth and the African and Caribbean community. Olivia is also currently learning sign language and aspires to publish a trilogy of fiction books. A proud Kanye West lover, for not only his music but also his confidence.